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Since working with Erin, my organization has grown by 150% revenue. I've reorganized, put various infrastructures in place, added 10 new staff members, and have built them into a high-functioning team that are passionate about contributing, setting goals, and developing processes to achieve their goals. Erin's tips, tools, and mindsets have given me the knowledge and confidence to build the organization I have today—a win-win for both my team and JSC! 

Kathy Jordan

Jordan Search Consultants

After just one call with Midori I was clear on my vision for my company she gave me some great ideas on ways I can improve and scale to 6 figures.

She also helped me with my issues with imposter syndrome and helped me to get into the abundance mindset.

Natajia Miller
Embrace Resort, Bahamas

If you're ready to start making your goals a reality join Fuel to Fire. 

See if you're on the right track!

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What You Receive As A Member

Accountability pod

Weekly check-ins

Peer support

Video trainings & systems

Office hours x 1 month

Lunch-n-Learns x 1 month

Networking opportunities/ 

Happy Hour Fridays

Goal strategy & tracking

Virtual power sprints

MIdori Verity mindset coach for entrepreneurs on Fox News
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MIdori Verity, Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs on CBS Morning Show
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Women business coach of the year award
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reach your entrepreneur goals
Ignite Your Business
Entrepreneur accountability group

STEP 3: 

Set Your Goals

Dig deep and get clear. 

 Leverage the goal setting and tracking system used by Google and other Fortune 100 companies.
We'll place you with driven peers who become your 
accountability team to 
support and ignite your goals.

STEP 2: 

Get Partnered

End procrastination and take action now to move toward your goals!
 Action produces results.

Apply below.

STEP 1: 


3 Steps to Ignite Your Goals

Erin Joy

Co-Founder & COO

A 25-year entrepreneur and PhD candidate in Business Psychology, Erin has worked closely with business owners for over a decade with a focus on achievement, success and well-being. 

She's a recognized community leader, speaker and an award-winning business coach.

Midori Verity, Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs
Midori Verity
 Co-Founder & CEO

Midori has been an entrepreneur for three decades, working with start-ups to Silicon Valley corporations. She's also a TV show host and award-winning speaker.

Today, she gives back by helping leaders to breakthrough mindset blocks to unlock their potential.

Co-Founders of Fuel to Fire Entrepreneur Group

Do you have drive & determination?

- but aren't progressing fast enough?       

You know what to do but...

 – you need a bit of a kick.

Midori, my phone was off the hook. Last month we made $12k and this month should be $20k

It's because of you keeping me mentally strong. I stopped avoiding sales calls and we've purchased more equipment so we can keep up with demand.

David Sieker

Sieker Painting

When I first started working with Erin, I was a new entrepreneur, and had lots of questions and needed a lot of support and feedback. 

Since then my team and I have grown professionally and learned so many tricks and tactics of how to better manage our time and work together more efficiently. Our team's more productive and innovative, and there are processes for everything. 

Angela Sandler


Partner with four driven peers, of similar or higher level of success, for 90-days to ignite your goals.

Access proven systems, structures and frameworks to grow your business with ease and focus.

Midori and Erin have a combined 55 years of entrepreneurial & coaching experience, working with start-ups to Inc. 5000 businesses.

Your Situation...

Our Co-Founders have been featured on...

1. Achieve Massive Goals

If you’re wildly ambitious and ready to add fuel to your fire, this is your group.

2. Ignite Your Business

We teach you to focus on what matters most.

We help you think bigger and give you the systems to set and achieve massive goals.

"You're the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with."
- Jim Rohn

3. Like-Minded Community

You'll thrive in an environment of motivated peers. Your group will push, support, and motivate you.

entrepreneur mastermind group for business growth
entrepreneur mastermind group of like-minded people

What You'll Gain From Fuel to Fire Entrepreneur Group

What Midori & Erin's Clients Are Saying

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We've Cracked the Code for Reaching Your Goals

business systems


business systems
business systems



Meet a Few of Our Members

Questions? Contact

Are you a busy entrepreneur who's frustrated because you're not reaching your goals? We can help.

Are you busy putting out fires?

- hard to prioritize business growth.

Tired from doing too much on your own?

- but don't have the revenue to hire super stars.

Feel alone?

- want support from those who 'get it'?

Feel stuck or overwhelmed?
– unsure about steps to take? 

 Do you have an inner flame?

- and it's burning to be released!
 Need systems and trainings?  
- so your business is more efficient & easier to run?

 Ready to get results?

- in less than 90-days?

 Are you already cruising & want to accelerate?       

What's the difference between an entrepreneur who has focused goals they actually work on, high profits, leads their industry, and takes "business trips" to Aspen...

...and one who barely makes payroll, never has time for strategy, spends their whole day on unimportant tasks and putting out fires, and is waiting for "the next big thing" for 20 years? 

What type of entrepreneur do you want to be?

"It's like having a personal Board of Directors"

How Fuel to Fire Accountability Groups Work...

 Your Accountability Group: 

You're partnered in a group of 4 peers, of similar or higher-levels of business experience.

• 90-Day Sessions: 

Each group is together for a full quarter. During this time you set your big 90-day goals. 

Midori and Erin will share the proven goal-setting system used by Fortune 100 companies. You'll also learn to create a blueprint, to simplify your goal achievement.

• Time Commitment:

-  Kickoff each week with a Zoom Mastermind. Each person has 10-15 minutes to state their weekly goals, share value, and/or ask for support. Your group is there to bounce ideas off of, gain motivation, and help each other rise up.

 - End of week check-in: share your successes and challenges. This can be done via email or Zoom.  

Remember, your group is your confidant. If you're stuck ask for help! This is how you'll stay on course and persevere quickly.

• Optional: We host monthly Lunch-n-Learns, Office Hours, and Networking events. 

• Member Directory: Each member is invited to create their listing in our 'Member Directory'. 

• Need Extra Support:  If you need support or direction, tap into our member network. We have skilled members in various areas - investing, marketing, podcasting, copywriting, finances, graphic design, etc. 

• One-to-One Exclusive Coaching: Want specific guidance with your business, schedule a private consultation with Midori or Erin for a nominal fee.

Now, imagine you have someone you're accountable to 

(like a hired fitness trainer)

How will your results and life change?

Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

"An accountability partner makes you vastly more likely to succeed."

-Entrepreneur Magazine

Sorry! Groups Are FULL Until July 2021

Sorry! Groups Are FULL Until July 2021